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Almost but Lost

“Almost but lost”,  For the Oregon ducks, a shot at the national tile, for Agrippa (Acts 26:28) and the non-Christian, eternity in Heaven.
So I am watching what is supposed to be the biggest game of the college football season so far but what I actually see is one of the most disappointing performances Oregon Duck football has seen in a long time.  As the “so-called” game is going on, you can hear the commentators talking about what a disappointment the Oregon team looks like because they are constantly getting penalized (violating the rules) and they are playing as if they have no purpose or belief they can win.
Then it happens, after 53 minutes of hopelessness, there appears to be a spark of life.  Finally a score which brings just a small hope to the Duck players.  Then, not 2 minutes later a blocked field goal attempt returned for a touch down.  Still down 2 scores with only around 5 minutes to play, there appears to be some belief from both the players and the commentators.  Could this be opportunity they had already given up on?  Was there really hope?  An onside kick recovery follows and the ducks score again.  from 26-0 to 26-20 in less than 6 minutes.
They are one touchdown away from a win.  They are “almost there”.  A second onside kick, this time recovered by Stanford and the game is over.  What an exciting finish right?  They almost did it!!! They almost came back and won!!! That’s good enough right?  Nope!  It is still a loss in the record books and clearly takes them out of the national title picture.
For Agrippa, There was also a moment of hope.  A belief that he might change the outcome.  How do we know this?  Because he says in Acts 26:28 “Almost you persuaded me to be a Christian”.  Just likes the Ducks, he was right there for the chance to avoid the loss, but just like the Ducks he couldn’t quite finish the job.  Just like the ducks, almost was not enough to keep him from losing eternity with God.  How sad to come so close and still lose it all.
Don’t let this situation happen to you or others in your life.  Let them know that almost is not enough.  Let them know, as we sing in one of our hymns, “Almost cannot avail, almost is but to fail, sad, sad, that bitter wail, almost but lost”
Let us always look for the spiritual lessons we can find in physical lessons we are taught here on earth.

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