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A New Year Brings New Opportunities

At the end of every year we tend to look back on what has happened and decide whether we are happy with how things have gone or whether we have regrets over what might have been. Our tendency is to focus solely on the physical aspects of our lives. We take stock of our jobs, our educational endeavors, relationships etc.

What about our spiritual life? Have we taken the time to take stock of what we have done for the Lord in the year that He blessed us with? As you look back and consider this past year, do you wish you had done some things differently (Spent more time reading scripture, teaching others, prayer etc)

Today I would like to focus on one question: In the past year has my relationship with God and Christ improved? If the answer is “No” I would like you to consider making a New Year’s resolution to draw closer to God and Christ throughout this year. Now this resolution cannot be like so many others people make where you say you will do something but then take no action to make it happen. In order to truly accomplish a goal you need to create a plan to achieve it. Below are a couple steps you can take to help improve your relationship with God and Christ:

1) Create a daily reading plan of God’s Word: If you have time to facebook or tweet, you have time to read God’s Word
Read from the OT (Rom 15:4; 1 Cor 10:11)
Read from the NT (2 Tim 3:16-17)
2) Become a praying person: All relationships are improved through effective communication…prayer is how we speak to God
Heb 4:14-16
1 Thes 5:17
1 Cor 5:14
Phil 4:6

It’s a new year and an opportunity to create a relationship with God and Christ that you can be proud of. Wouldn’t it be great to finish out 2015 with no regrets but instead being able to proudly say that my spiritual life has improved.



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