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What Will You Do?

Often times in life things happen that remind me to start thinking about what’s important. A couple days ago My wife and I were out with our son at Staples picking up printer ink. When we were ready to live our van refused to start. It seemed pretty evident that we had a dead battery. We began wondering back and forth what we were going to do because we needed to be home in time to go and pick our other son up from school. After a couple of phone calls we were fortunate enough to have a friend from our church swing by and jump start the van for us.

This situation got me wondering what would happen if I ran across someone in a parking light with their hood up apparently having car trouble. Would I just ignore the situation and go on my way or would I stop to see if I could help. What would I want to have happen if my wife and child were stranded in a parking lot, would I want someone to check and see if they could help? We have many opportunities in life to do good, the question we need to ask ourselves is are we taking advantage of them or just ignoring them.

The Bible speaks very clearly on what we should be doing when we see someone in need…

1) Prov 3:27

2) Phil 2:4

3) Lk 6:38

4) Heb 13:16

There are countless more passages we could consider on helping others in need but I would like to close out this particular post with the following suggestion; As you begin asking what you would like to see happen if you were in a tough situation or in need and then consider one final question from God’s Word and the admonition following it

1 Jn 3:17-18


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