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The New Norm???

My wife and I went to our son’s school to update his emergency contact information because we are going out of town in a couple weeks. As I was looking over my wife’s shoulder at the paperwork I noticed something that me made me sad. Under the heading for biological parents were the following categories; never married, married, divorced. When did our society get to a point that the first category we would think of for biological parents is unmarried. It seems to me there was a time when that was not something that was an option to select but rather had to be written in by the person filling out the form. The reason for this of course is that the norm in our society was that a child’s biological parents were at one time married. We have come so far from that “Norm” today that it is nothing for us to think of a child having parents who have never married. What has changed? Why is something that was in the past somewhat looked down upon (and against God’s plan and desire) the norm for today. Why have we become so accepting of sin as to treat it as a normal everyday occurrence. As long as we continue to treat sinful activity (children outside of marriage) as socially and completely acceptable, we will continue as a society to suffer the consequences. The only way we can make a change for good and get back to where we belong is to stop treating sin as just part of our society today and get back to a time where we recognized that it was not appropriate to bring children into this world without first committing ourselves to a spouse in marriage. We must stop creating new categories of acceptance and hold to what we once believed to be the norm.

We must learn to have the proper attitude toward sin

Ps 97:10

Ps 119:28

Prov 8:13


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