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When we think of the first century church, do we try to follow this pattern as well?

When you talk with most people in the Lord’s church today they will say that the primary focus is to follow the example/patter laid out by the first century church. They will often give the example of taking the Lord’s Supper on the first day of the week (Acts 20:7) and give upon the first day of the week(1 Cor 16:2).

There is another example we find in scripture that I must admit maybe I have placed as much emphasis upon and have failed in my responsibilities as a Christian. Consider the following passage

We not only have an example from the first century of what should take place during our worship, we have an example of what we should be doing outside of worship service. We are to be spending time with other Christians. The early church members got together and broke bread daily. I understand we may not have time to be in someone else’s home every day of the week or have people in our home every day but the question we need to ask ourselves is do we spend time “Breaking bread” (sharing meals) with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

I can honestly say I have found myself lacking in following this pattern and possible even being guilty of not following it. The good news for me (or anyone else needing to make a change) is that we are still alive and there is still time. The question is, how much time. This may not be something I or you can change over night, but with help from our God (if we but ask) and others in the church we can improve in this or any other area we may be lacking.

Do not expect perfection over night and don’t beat yourself up when you struggle or feel as though you are letting yourself and others down.

Let the following words familiar to almost all, be an encouragement to you as strive to follow the pattern God has laid out for His children


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