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Preparing For Home

This morning several members of our congregation got together to help one of our brothers move into a new home. The one thing that it seems everyone seemed to say was how quickly and easily the process went. We all agreed that by working together and supporting one another the move to the new home was much easier for our brother.

This got me thinking just a little bit. I began to wonder if we are helping to make our brothers and sisters move to their final home easier. Are we standing beside them and working to together with them to help make the move as easy possible. As Christians we should all realize that are in the process of moving from our earthly homes to our eternal home and our desire should be to move to a home where we will all be together in Heaven. There is no doubt in my mind that the more work together the easier this move will be. Please take the opportunity to help make the move easier on others by being willing to work with them and also allow them to work with you to make your move easier as well.

As always, consider a couple verse from our creator to focus on as we strive to be better people tomorrow than we may have been today.


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