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What Wasn’t on the Menu

My family and I had the opportunity to go out to lunch with some members of our congregation. As we were sitting around the table our waiter came by and asked us how we were doing. My wife asked what type of drinks they had. The waiter nervously asked do you mean alcoholic? My wife pleasantly replied we would only need to know about non-alcoholic drinks. At this point you might be thinking to yourself why is he sharing this information, this doesn’t sound like anything unusual or something that might be of interest to others. The answer to that thought is the fact that the waiter then explained to my wife that the non-alcoholic drinks are not listed on the menu. Think about that…there was plenty of room for all the food items and the many. many choices of alcoholic beverages but they didn’t want to overburden the menu with too many choices so they remove the non-alcoholic drinks. To me that’s quite a statement as to where the world places its priorities.

Now I encourage as you think about the menu of items on your daily list, are there are things you have removed to make sure there is enough room to get in everything “you” feel as necessary but maybe not what God feels as necessary. Are the safe things the first to go in order to make room for others that may be questionable? This is something only each individual can answer for him/herself, but I hope it makes you think!


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