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Possible Help for “Spring Cleaning”

This is the time of year where people begin to think about what they can do to get rid of some of the excess things they have around the house. For most, one of the most difficult parts is determining what it is they can live without. Here is one method that may or may not be a benefit to those unsure where to begin getting rid of things. Step one of this method is to read the verse below.

Step 2: Take a look around at what is in your house. As you look, ask yourself if your things fit into one of the categories listed above. If they don’t I encourage you to ask yourself why you really need them. It might surprise you that there are some things that you can now easily part with. While this may not work for everyone, it is a good reminder to all that we need to make sure that the things we hold onto and allow to capture our attention are things which we should be proud to discuss with or show to Christ at His coming.

Have a blessed day


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