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Just Because Someone Says It, Does That Make It True? If It’s False Teaching, What Should We Do About It?

Everyone who knows her knows my wife likes to spend time reviewing Facebook. This afternoon she ran across a statement that kind of got me thinking. While I didn’t read it myself, the overall premise was those that cuss a lot are much more open, upfront, honest and loyal with their friends and their families. The first thing I said was, “According to who? What proof, if any, does this person have to back up such a ridiculous statement?” Then I see that people actually “Liked” this statement and some commented about how if it were true then they must be really “Awesome” suggesting they must cuss a lot.

How does not being able to communicate in an appropriate manner with other people you come in contact with indicate that you can communicate better with your family than people who know how to properly control their tongue and not communicate in an inappropriate manner? As you consider these questions I also encourage you to think about what you should do when you come across such blasphemy. Should you simply ignore it? Should you laugh about it and share it with friends despite its false teaching? Should you go as far as to “like” it and help spread the lie? Should I stand up and speak out against this false teaching that the Truth be told?

The answer to these questions can be found in our Bible.

We are to be the “light” of the world, so we should illuminate. Also, we are to be “salt of the earth”, so we need to preserve the world by fighting and exposing that that would harm it. The jeers at us when we speak out are just the “light” altering the darkness.

We must take a stand for the Truth and expose sin no matter what we may fear will come our way

Nowhere in the Bible are we told to tolerate sin, and to be quiet and allow it to continue unopposed. We are in a battle, (Ephesians 6:12), and it certainly is not easy. A battle indicates that it will be rough and many times people may get hurt. Certainly, looking the other way and letting sin continue is not a battle. Toleration usually is cowardice.

One final thought. Our fear should not prevent us from speaking the truth because God promises that we should not fear what man can do to us but what He can do to us if we do not follow His will


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