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First We Stand, Then We Walk With Support, Then We Learn to Walk and Stand On Our Own

So My sixteen month old son continues to push off the concept of walking in exchange for crawling which he is very confident in and can do very fast. What has happened in the last couple days is he has began pulling himself up onto his feet without help from anyone else or leaning on anything. It is interesting to sit and watch him struggle to maintain his balance for a period of time and then eventually fall back down to his knees where he is more comfortable.

As we think about the life of a Christian, it is a very similar process. Once rising up out of the waters of baptism one is just like a newborn babe. They will have the same struggle to stand and begin to move forward in their walk in the Lord. They will look to other Christians for support both to stand and then to walk with them (holding their hand as it were) as they begin to mature. Hopefully, over the course of time, just as a child grows from leaning on others to stand to standing up on their own but needing help to walk, to one day being able to stand and walk on their own, until they then become one that other newborns can lean on for support and help walking. We understand that each of these stages take time for the child and we are willing to work with them with patience. We need to make sure that we are willing to do the same with “Babes in Christ”. If we are there for them in the beginning and train them to become self-sufficient, they can one day help others do the same.


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