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Don’t Look Now But….

For the last several weeks I have been paying close attention to gas station pricing signs. What I have noticed (as I am sure you have as well) is that there has been a slow but steady increase in price. I remember being really excited to see that I only had to pay $1.85 per gallon. Now that same station is charging about $2.05-$2.10.

So what’s the point? Why I am discussing the rising cost of fuel in this post? The point I want to make is how the increase took place. The price didn’t just jump $.30 all at once. It was a gradual increase in cost until all of the sudden it had jumped $.30. The fuel sellers recognize that if they don’t make the jump drastically, people won’t feel the shock. Instead of thinking, “Wow this is a lot more than I was paying…” they figure the increase is only a little more than the last time. What is not considered is that the last time you filled up it was a little more than the previous time and so on and so on. All of a sudden, the cost of fuel has increased without the shock factor of an immediate increase.

Sin works in much the same way. We begin by making just a minor change in the way we act. Then, after that one minor change, we move just a little further in a different direction from where we were previously, and so on and so on. Before we realize it, we have moved quite a distance from the path we were originally on. If we really stopped and looked at the process as it was happening, we would probably say, “I would never change that much…” Just like with the increase in fuel cost, the shock value isn’t there.

Please make sure you recognize it is not necessarily the big changes that we have to fear. We must also fear even just a minor deviation because we never know where that may lead. Consider the following verses and always ask yourself is this change really better for me or will it “Cost me” greatly in the long run.

Look at the picture below and ask yourself which path you are on. Ask yourself Have I unknowingly gotten of course and now I am nowhere near where I started. Then, if you need to get back on the bath, stop what you are doing and go back to the way things were.


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