How Can a Young Man Cleanse His Way?

Today I would like to share a quick thought from The Jesus Code by Dr. O.S. Hawkins.

“Although our culture continues to deteriorate-good role models for the masses are not to be found-the answer to the Psalmist’s question, ‘How can a young man cleanse his way?’ is the same now as when the Psalm was written. the answer is constant and unwavering. It has never changed, and it will never change. The answer has three parts.”

1) Know the Word (Ps 119:9 & 10)

2) Stow the Word (Ps 119:11)

3) Show the Word (Ps 119:13)

May we all seek to keep our lives pure by focusing on God’s Word.


What’s So Great About Rain?

Have you ever found yourself asking this question on a day like today where you would like to be outside but you are stuck indoors because of the weather. The truth, is there is an answer to this question, there really is something “Great” about the rain. The answer is, It proves God’s love for us. The following thoughts are from The Nature of God by Don Hastings and Marc Gibson.

Without sunshine and rain, plant and animal life could not exist. Paul told the people of Lystra,

As you finish reading this post consider the following pictures and may the Lord continue to bless you with rain as well as sunshine.

A Simple but Important Question and Answer

As I sit in read through God’s Word I am often amazed by simple statements or questions that really get my mind thinking. I ran across one such question with it’s answer as that I would like to share today.

There are some who may think that because sins are forgiven, it doesn’t really matter how we live. This is just not true. The prophet Micah understood this. A simple way to break down this verse follows.

Do Justly: requires our actions be involved in doing the right things
Love Mercy: Our affections should be focused on the mercy Christ had for us and we should have for others
Walk Humbly: We must live our lives not thinking of ourselves better than we ought as scripture teaches God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble…w must recognize our place vs Jesus’.

One final thought and may God continue to bless you this day.

2 Sisters, 2 Conversations, One Message

One of the many blessings of being a Christian is the relationships that are created by the various members of the Lord’s Church. It is such a special relationship that God’s inspired writers use the term “brothers and sisters” to describe this relationship. We all understand the bond that exists between members of a family.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with a couple of sisters in Christ (who happened to be sisters from the same family) about what is happening in their lives. It was great to hear that they are both in a situation where they are excited about moving into a home that actually meets their needs and they are both now blessed with having work that provides for their financial needs. I know it has been a struggle over the last year or so at least but they have been able to keep pushing on and finally reach a situation where they can feel comfortable again. Seeing others overcome their difficulties and ultimately receive the things they need is another reminder to me of the truth of the scripture below.

What was really special to me about my conversations was I spoke with them at different times and each of them made the same statement, “I am happy!” What a great thing to hear from those who have been struggling and what a great reminder to all that when things go well and we are happy we should share it with others.

May we all share in the blessings and triumphs of those we love and care for.

How Would the Lord Describe You?

Have you ever wondered what Christ would say if He were asked to describe you? We all understand that Christ knows everything about us, so how do we think He would describe us. I think of this because I spent the last couple days studying the apostle Bartholomew/Nathanael. When Christ describes this man He gives what I think is one of the greatest compliments to a person we could ever hope to hear.

What an honor to be recognized by Christ as someone who is truthful and honest, one who does not try to deceive others. Clearly he was one who we would say, “practices what he preaches”. Would Christ say this of me? I sincerely hope so.

On the other hand, May we never be described by Christ as those mentioned in the following passages.

May we all strive to follow Christ in a manner pleasing to Him.

Have You Taken the Time to Smile Today???

I ran across the following quote from Chuck Swindoll and found it rather interesting,

“Earthquakes! Prison riots! Economic pressures! Divorce! No jobs! Drugs! Disease! Death! Pretty serious scene, isn’t it? Yet that is the emotional environment in which we live. No wonder someone has dubbed this the “aspirin age.” Small wonder more of us are not throwing in the towel.”

When I come across statements such as this I am thankful that I have the Word of God to guide and encourage me. The words of the wise man teach us that there is a time for everything under the sun.

I encourage all of us to ask ourselves whether or not we have allowed all the negativity that surrounds us to darken our Spirits and our thinking. If we have, God offers us a solution; a joyful heart.

If you want to feel better and make the day bright, try a smile; it can be contagious.

Never forget, you are important

I think we all go through times in our lives where we don’t feel what we do really matters. I think we sometimes question whether it would matter or not if we just disappeared. If you ever find yourself feeling this way, I want to encourage you to look to the Word of God and see from the evidence that it is clear, you are important to and loved by your Creator.

God created you in His own image…that makes you important

Christ came down from Heaven and died for you…that makes you important

God is mindful of you…that makes you important

Heaven is waiting for you if you remain faithful…that makes you important

If the above verses aren’t enough to convince you, The Lord considers you so important He knows all the hairs of your head and He knows your comings and goings

When you are feeling at your lowest or just feel like you don’t matter, remember God loves you and you are very important to Him