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Spring Break…A Break From What?

We are coming to the end of Spring Break for my oldest son Jared. As we got closer to the end I started thinking about what it is he was taking a break from. As a child still in school, it is obvious that Spring Break for him means a “Break” from his school work and studies. This is a much deserved and appropriate thing for all who work hard and study.

What about those who may not be in school? What are they taking a break from? Have you ever listened as grown adults talk about how excited they are for Spring Break and the big trips they may be planning to take. What do you suppose it is they are taking a break from? Sadly, I would suggest that many are trying to take a “Break” from the moral norms of our society. They see this week as a time to act as crazy (they say) or sinful (God says) as they want. They choose to throw off all common sense and do things they would never do any other time of year. I wonder when or how we got to a point in life where people believed that at certain times of the year they can act in a way they never would in any other circumstance.

I would suggest one of the safest ways to avoid slipping into this type of action is make sure we are careful who we choose to spend time with. The Bible reminds us what can happen when we choose to hang out with the wrong crowd.

A final word of warning regarding another of the many dangers of Spring Break and the desire to drink to excess.


Spring Break can be a wonderful thing when used and celebrated properly. We must be careful not to use in a way that “We” might think is best. There can be no “Break” from doing right.


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