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There Is Only One Worth Following and He’s Not On Facebook or Twitter

Every now and then I come across or hear things that really get me thinking. I recently came across some information that talked about the number of followers John Cena has on Facebook. It was reported in Feb of 2014 that he had passed Kobe Bryant as the 7th most popular active US athlete with over 18.6 million followers. I have to be honest, I don’t follow anyone on Facebook or Twitter so I may be a little bias. I just don’t see the relevance of hearing about what some person I have no relation or contact with may be doing. I have a tough enough time keeping up with and following information on my own family.

As I think about this, there is One whom I know I need to follow. This One cannot be found on Facebook or Twitter but His life story does exist in the Holy Bible. His life (unlike athletes or others on Facebook or Twitter) has a direct impact on not just the limited time I spend here on earth, but more importantly, where I will spend my eternity and whether or not it will be eternal joy and peace or eternal pain and suffering.

I would like to share a few scriptures that remind me (and should you as well) that I need to “Follow” Jesus and how if I do, it will benefit me.

As you consider the importance of these passages, ask yourself, “If I have time to spend following people on Facebook or Twitter, don’t I have time enough to follow Christ?” After all, which is time better spent?


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