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When Fear is a Good Thing

When I stop and consider the idea of “fear” it generally stirs up negative thoughts in my mind. I picture things such as a haunted house or being chased by someone, or possibly being left somewhere in complete darkness. These are all things I can certainly do without.

There is however a “Fear” that I should have and appreciate. This is the “Fear of the Lord. This is not the same idea as the terror of being chased or attacked but rather a healthy respect for what the Lord can do. The Bible reminds me that the “fear of the Lord” is a blessing that will protect me.

A couple more passages from the New Testament proving not only is the “Fear of the Lord” a good thing, it is a necessity in our lives

As I write this I hope that all will consider the need to have a proper fear for the Lord. It can be very easy to read the Word of God and not truly appreciate what you have read. We must all have a healthy respect for God and both the blessings we can receive from Him or the punishment we may suffer from Him. The choice is ours. May we all remember the words of the wise man.


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