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2 Sisters, 2 Conversations, One Message

One of the many blessings of being a Christian is the relationships that are created by the various members of the Lord’s Church. It is such a special relationship that God’s inspired writers use the term “brothers and sisters” to describe this relationship. We all understand the bond that exists between members of a family.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with a couple of sisters in Christ (who happened to be sisters from the same family) about what is happening in their lives. It was great to hear that they are both in a situation where they are excited about moving into a home that actually meets their needs and they are both now blessed with having work that provides for their financial needs. I know it has been a struggle over the last year or so at least but they have been able to keep pushing on and finally reach a situation where they can feel comfortable again. Seeing others overcome their difficulties and ultimately receive the things they need is another reminder to me of the truth of the scripture below.

What was really special to me about my conversations was I spoke with them at different times and each of them made the same statement, “I am happy!” What a great thing to hear from those who have been struggling and what a great reminder to all that when things go well and we are happy we should share it with others.


May we all share in the blessings and triumphs of those we love and care for.


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