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It’s Not Mother’s Day But…

Today I got another reminder why it’s good to be the dad. My wife decided to spend the day at the beach and I agreed to stay home with the little guy. This experience gave me a greater appreciation for mothers who stay home and take care of their children. On most days I work out of my home so I get the chance to do some work and then maybe take a break to spend some time with the kid and then I can just put him back under the care of his mom and get back to work.

When “Mom” is not home things totally change. The baby recognizes that mom is not there and eventually gets tired of his time with dad and would like to go back to the person who spends all their time with him. Today there was no break for me or him. Once he got tired of me there was nothing I could do to appease him. It was time for mom and he was going to let me know nothing else would do.

I came to a greater appreciation for what mothers try to do because I could not accomplish anything. I had to be on guard and paying attention to him every second of every minute of every hour our he was going to do something we would both regret. I am grateful that I have a wife who is willing to put in all the time it takes to care for our child and allows me to get things done I need to do. There is really only one way to close this and that is with the proverbs below.


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