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Worrying Doesn’t Change Anything???

We have all been taught in our lives that worrying doesn’t change anything. While I understand what is trying to be explained, I would encourage one to consider this. While worrying about the outcome of a situation may not change the outcome, it may change you. Consider this thought,

Worrying won’t stop the ‘bad’ stuff from happening; but it stops you from enjoying the good stuff!

As you think about the above statement I encourage you to ask yourself, do you really want to miss out on the good stuff. Do you really want what may or may not happen diminish the good things to come. The following verse shows us that worry can indeed have a negative impact.

Many might be wondering what the solution is. People don’t want to hear about a problem without being offered a solution. The solution here is to seek peace. God has given us the answer to that as well.

May God grant us all the wisdom trust His Word and stop worrying so that we don’t miss out on His many blessings.


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