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It Won’t Cost You a Thing…

Have you ever been at the store and it seems like everyone decided to shop at the same time you did? By the time you finish up you find yourself looking at lines five and six carts deep. Then after waiting 10-15 minutes all of a sudden a new cashier opens up and before you can get there someone who hasn’t been waiting at all beats you to the register. When this happens we often feel frustrated and agitated that someone would do this to us.

Now I want you to think if there has ever been a time where the store is just as busy, the lines are just as long, and you are just as tired of waiting and this time you only have one or two items with you. All of a sudden a new cashier opens up and as you approach the line the person in front of you with a full cart notices you only have two items and graciously offers to let you go first. This creates quite a different feeling than the previous situation doesn’t it?


The Bible reminds us that a little courtesy goes a long way


Take the time to be kind and courteous to others when the opportunity presents itself.


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