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God is Good! Appreciate All He Has Done For You

It’s been a few days since I last posted. I have spent the last five days in bed on antibiotics without a voice. As I have gone through this I have been thinking about just how easy it is to take life and health for granted. It really is true that you cannot truly appreciate things until you are unable to do them. For example, every night before bed we say prayers with our sons. It is a regular routine but should be recognized as more than that. It should be appreciated as a blessing. Without a voice the last five days I have not been able to say prayers with my children, something that I guess I take for granted will always be a part of my day.

The past couple of days there has been opportunities for members from our church family to get together either to study, attend worship service, or just spend time in fellowship having fun with one another. I was unable to take advantage of those opportunities and missed out on the chance to grow closer to my brothers and sisters in Christ. I hope they all understand just how lucky they are to share in these opportunities and I pray Christians everywhere recognize the benefits of having healthy happy lives to share with other Christians.

May the Lord bless and remind all of us just how good He is, and may we never take that for granted.


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