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Are You Willing to Pay the Price?

If you were to walk up to ten people on the street and ask them if they wanted to be successful in life 10 out of 10 would probably say yes. I wonder how many of these same people would say yes if you told them they could have the success they desire if they are willing to spend the next six to eight years in college followed by a couple years of interning, and after all that be willing to work 60-65 hours a week. So many of us desire to be successful, the question we have to ask ourselves sounds something like this, “Is my desire for success strong enough to push me to success or would I like to keep things in my life simple?”

This concept is not only true in the physical world, but the spiritual world as well. If you were to ask 10 people who claimed to believe in both Heaven and Hell would their desire be to live a life leading to a successful entrance into Heaven or wind up with an eternity in Hell, 10 out of 10 would probably say I want the success of Heaven. I wonder what would happen if they were to truly sit down and count the cost of discipleship, how many out of these 10 would now say yes they still desire spiritual success.

We have a clear example of this in God’s Word and it’s effect on a rich young ruler.


We see in the above example how eager the this young man was to find success but when he heard what it would cost him, he considered the price to be too high.

If you were to ask any professional athlete why they put themselves through such long and hard workouts and training, they would respond the reward is worth the effort. Is this true of us in our spiritual lives? When people look at us and come to ask us why we are willing to give certain things up, are we able to reply, “The reward of a successful christian life is worth the cost.” If you are not sure, let me close with a quick reminder of what the reward is for those who find this success.



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