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Life is All About the Choices We Make…

I cam across this quote which I believe clearly demonstrates some of the important choices we can make to have a happier/better life here on earth.

Choices That Make us Happy:

1. Choose to love–rather than hate.

2. Choose to smile–rather than frown.

3. Choose to build–rather than destroy.

4. Choose to persevere–rather than quit.

5. Choose to praise–rather than gossip.

6. Choose to heal–rather than wound.

7. Choose to give–rather than grasp.

8. Choose to act–rather than delay.

9. Choose to forgive–rather than curse.

10. Choose to pray–rather than despair. (From Charles Hodge)

There is a quote in the OT that we should all come to know and remember that will determine our life and happiness for eternity. This truly is the most important choice we will ever make.

Life truly is all about choices. We just need to make sure we are making the right ones as they not only effect the here and now, but all eternity.


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