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They May Forget…You Won’t!!!!

I don’t normally post things that apply to a specific subset of people but I was reminded of something myself yesterday and wanted to remind others of its importance as well. The following message is geared toward parents of young children and possibly grandparents of young children.

It’s summertime and that means the kids are home and looking for your time and attention. This can be seen as annoyance or a great opportunity to further the relationship of love and respect these young children have for you. Ignore them, and they will begin to think less of you and down the road you will most certainly regret their lack of respect for you. Spend time with them and treat them as you should and their respect and love for you will grow and you will greatly appreciate this love and respect when they are older.

For me, the reminder was taking my two boys to kids bowl free for summer. Yesterday for the first time ever we got a ramp for our 18 month old and set up bumpers and let him roll the ball down the lane. It didn’t take him long to figure out the process and you could see his smile and hear the joy in his screams and clapping as he watched the ball roll down the lane and anxiously awaited his next turn. He probably won’t remember the first day he ever bowled but I guarantee you both my wife and I will. The amazing thing was to watch him rack up a score of over 100 his second game ever. There will never again be a “First time bowling” with him and I am thankful and blessed to have shared this time with him and my family. I pray all of us will do what we can to show our children how much we love and appreciate them because before we know it, they will be out of the house and on their own.

We must also never forget that shaping their lives is shaping the future.


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