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Even the Little Things Can Have a Great Impact

We have all heard that the little things can have a great impact. Generally we think of this we think in terms of the positive. We talk about a kind word, a smile etc. All of these are true and a blessing to us if we understand the value of these little things.

What about when the little things can have a negative impact? Let me give you an example. This morning I got done with my daily run and went to get my stuff together to begin working on some sermons. While I was in the living room I heard the sound of running water. I went around the corner to find one to two inches of water all the way down the hall and in three rooms. I was able to go in and shut off the water to the washing machine and that stopped the flow of water. The damage was already done. Think about the consequences, electric cords in the office, boxes store in the office closet, computer paper boxes on the floor, all ruined. My wife and I worked hard for an hour trying as best we could to soak up all the water with towels but there just too much. We had to call someone to come and use a wet vac to suck up the water.

Now to the point. The cause of all this damage and mess…a missing clamp on the hose causing it to be blown off the machine allowing the water to just flow to the floor. Such a simple little thing missing created such a great mess and caused some permanent damage. Kind of makes you think.

In our spiritual lives it can be the same. It doesn’t take much for what one may call a “little thing” for there to be great consequences and damage. Consider the example of David and bathsheba in 2 Sam 11

First He looked upon her as she bathed…

Second He acted upon his desire and sent for her and lay with her despite the fact she had a husband…This lead to her being with child.

Third, He set up her husband to be killed.

The death of Uriah all started with what many would call a little thing. They may argue he was just looking. This looking lead to a heart of lust which lead to an action of laying with someone’s wife which lead to a child conceived out of wedlock which lead to the conspiring and carrying out of the death of an innocent man.

We must never be guilty of thinking it’s just a “little thing” it doesn’t really matter, it’s no big deal, if it matters to God it is a big deal.

We must be careful to make sure that we are faithful in all things, whether we feel they or great or small.


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