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Sometimes We Need to Stand Up for What’s Right

I was doing my daily run this morning and I had the t.v. on for background noise to help distract me from the fact that I was running. While running a new commercial came on. Now by the end of this commercial the sponsor is named, but I want to express very clearly that this commercial in no way speaks of the product or its benefits, this is purely an agenda being blessed in major media. I am going to give a breakdown of the commercial below.

The first thing we see is a man and a woman’s hand behind the question “When were you first considered a family?” This is followed by the question, “When you fell in love?” and shows a couple taking a photograph. The next couple of questions are, When you got married, when you had kids?” This is then followed by the question, “When did you first fight to be considered a family?” and shows a lesbian couple. This is followed once again by the questions of when you fell in love, when you got married, when you had kids. The next statement made is, “Family isn’t defined by who you love but how you love.” followed by a picture of two gay men with a baby.

What does any of this have to do with Tylenol and its uses? This is clearly a message trying to put forth that there is nothing wrong with the gay life style, family is just about the love you have for someone else. This is clearly opposed to the definition of marriage God has presented in His Word where He speaks of a man and woman leaving father and mother and clinging to one another. That is where family starts. I have a lot of friends that I can say I truly love and care for, but that does not make us a family. We need to stop trying to re-define things to make ourselves or others feel better about the choices being made.

When something like this is brought to our attention it is up to all who believe in the Word of God and His definition of family to stand up and speak. WE must all be able to stand up and live the words of Paul.


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