How do you look at your situation?

When you hear or see this quote, what does it make you think of? I am sure we are all familiar with the concept of seeing the glass as half full or half empty. As a Christian how should we respond when looking at various situations we came across in life? Do we look for an opportunity to serve, glorify, and teach God and Christ or do we allow the devil to cloud our minds with thoughts of doubt or disbelief?

Consider what Christ had to say about the coming of what would be difficult times and how His followers should view them.

As you can see, His followers had a chance to see defeat and despair but Christ wanted them to recognize it would be an opportunity to testify to them.

As Christians we have a wonderful message to share with the world and the opportunity to do see can appear to us in many different forms, we must have an open mind and heart to recognize them and act.

Let us also not forget that even when times are extremely rough and we feel like giving up, just like Paul, We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.


Thoughts on the closeness of God and Christ’s Return

I ran across this in my daily research and thought it would be a great message to share with everyone.

God is with you wherever you go
He is always at your right hand,
When you pray He hears your every word
and promises to understand.

We may call upon Him day or night
for our Father needs no sleep
Psalms 121, 1 Sam 2:9 shows
His godly ones He’ll keep.

God knows our needs before we ask
and guides us through each trial or task.
For more than we may begin to conceive
will God do for us, if we only believe.

Christ’s return is very close
I can feel His breath on my nape
He is coming soon to claim His own
but the wicked will not escape.
Sue Smith

Gen 21:22; Josh 1:9; Isa 41:13; Psa 18:6; Psa 50:15;
Psa 55:22; Psa 121:3,4; 1 Sam2:9; Luke 12:30; 1 Cor 10:13;
Eph 3:20; John 14:23; Mark 11:23; Matt 7:7;

May we ever be appreciative of God and His love and closeness with us. The time is coming when we will share a home with Him as long as we remain faithful.

Thoughts on “Gifts”

I ran across the following quote on gifts from Oren Arnold and thought it was well worth sharing.

These gifts sound great and I would agree with the author that we would do well to offer them to others. However, these gifts fail in comparison to the gift we received from God the Father and His Son.

As we think about the many gifts we have given to others and the many gifts we have received, let us never forget the greatest gift of all, eternal life in Heaven.

Thoughts on “Character”

Do you ever stop and take a moment to think about the term character? Do you ever wonder what kind of character you have? Our character is an important aspect of who we are and is something that we should think about and try to improve on a regular basis. The above quotes show people of the world understand this, and more importantly, Christians must understood what kind of Character God’s expects them to have.

Some examples of people of good character from scripture




God is pleased when His children grow in character

Ways to develop our character

Control our thoughts”

Guarding our hearts

Keeping good company

Practicing Christian virtues

As I close this post I wish to remind everyone why a Christian must be of good character…Men and women of character will set a good example for others to follow, and their godly reputation will be evident to all

Thoughts on Freedom

As I sit back and consider the political decisions that have been made recently, I can’t help but appreciate the above quote. There seems to be some belief in the world today that freedom means I can do whatever I want without any consequences. This is purely the belief of those who want to impose their view on same sex unions. (Note I did not say gay marriage or even marriage because these are not marriage as ordained by God who instituted marriage but rather civil unions created by man who has no right).

True freedom for the christian today exists in the way it was presented in the above quotation. It is our right to stand up for the Word of God and do what we ought. We need to continue to preach marriage as God intended and not be afraid to use our freedom of speech to stand up and teach the truth. we must have the same mindset Paul had when he addressed the Romans.

I pray that we will all use our freedom to do what God requires while not allowing others misconceptions on freedom keep us from doing His will.

Our God and Savior Are Good!!!!

Precious Lord, take my hand,
Lead me on, let me stand,
I am tired, I am weak, I am worn.
Through the storm, through the night,
Lead me on to the Light,
Take my hand, precious Lord, lead me on.
Thomas A. Dorsey

God can lead you through.