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Thoughts on Freedom

As I sit back and consider the political decisions that have been made recently, I can’t help but appreciate the above quote. There seems to be some belief in the world today that freedom means I can do whatever I want without any consequences. This is purely the belief of those who want to impose their view on same sex unions. (Note I did not say gay marriage or even marriage because these are not marriage as ordained by God who instituted marriage but rather civil unions created by man who has no right).

True freedom for the christian today exists in the way it was presented in the above quotation. It is our right to stand up for the Word of God and do what we ought. We need to continue to preach marriage as God intended and not be afraid to use our freedom of speech to stand up and teach the truth. we must have the same mindset Paul had when he addressed the Romans.

I pray that we will all use our freedom to do what God requires while not allowing others misconceptions on freedom keep us from doing His will.


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