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Thoughts on punctuality

We live in a very fast paced on the go society constantly trying to keep up with all our commitments. This at times can feel physically, mentally, and emotionally draining. But, have you ever wondered how your busy life style can effect others? Have you taken the time to consider that they consider their time just as important as yours and when you are late to a specified meeting time it can mess up their fast paced life as well? When you make a commitment to meet with others at a specified and you consistently find yourself not meeting that commitment, what message are you sending. As you consider these questions I encourage to consider the quote below as well.

As you consider these things now ask yourself how constantly showing up late for meeting with others lines up with the Lord’s teaching in scripture.

Arriving on time to our commitments to others is one simple way we can show we are looking out for the interest of others and esteeming them higher than ourselves.

May we all be faithful in arriving to all meetings with others in a punctual manner, whether they be individual meetings, work meetings, or meeting with brothers and sisters to serve Christ as we are commanded.


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