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You May Think You Have Everyone Fooled!!!

We have all had chances in our life to hide the truth about something that has happened and we will all have the chance again in the future. When that time comes, how will you respond. Will you be open and honest about the situation or will you try and hide things in hopes of fooling others and avoiding the consequences of the truth? It is a question we must all face and it is a question only we can answer for ourselves. As you consider this question I encourage to consider the following statement.

Think about this statement for a moment. When you look up at the sky sometimes you can see the sun shining bright right there in front of you and other times you cannot see it because it is covered by clouds or some other obstruction. This may last for a time, but ultimately the light and visibility will shine bright again and be obvious for all to see. Consider this idea with one who may hide/ obstruct the truth for a time, but ultimately the truth will come out and shine bright for all to see. It is far better to admit the truth from the beginning they try to hide it from others. In the end the truth does come to “light”.

Consider this thought…

While the above couple of quotes cause us to think, I am more concerned about what God has to say about the truth being revealed.

The thing we need to realize is we may fool some or all of the people but we will never fool God. It may not be today or tomorrow, but the time will come when we will all have to answer for actions and whether tell the truth or try to deceive others. May we all strive to speak only truth in everything we say.


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