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Thoughts on Singing Praise

I ran across this as I was doing some research this evening and I found it rather interesting to think about and consider. I hope it will be a blessing to you and get you thinking as well.

Jesus will sing praises to His Father in the Kingdom of God!
“I will declare your name unto my brethren,
in the midst of the congregation will I sing praise unto thee…” (Hebrews 2:12)

Singing Praise!
– We do not often think of Jesus singing hymns of praise … let alone in the Kingdom.
– Remember, that after the ‘last supper’ he sang a hymn with his beloved disciples. (Matt 26:30)
– Hebrews 2:12 is a direct quote from Psalm 22:22 which refers to the resurrection of Jesus from the sleep of death.
– Just imagine how wonderful it will be to sing praises to God with Jesus … with immortal voices!


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