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Are You Controlling What You Can???

Most of us who are at all familiar with computers and how they operate are familiar with the concept GIGO which means garbage in, garbage out. This a reminder to all those operating a computer they need to be careful about controlling what type of information (ie good) goes in the computer so they can receive the “good” out of it.

We need to practice this same concept when it comes to our hearts and our minds. When we allow garbage to come in, we are going to have garbage come out. If we guard and protect (ie control what comes in) our hearts and minds and only allow good in, we will receive good out. The responsibility is on each of us as individuals to control what we allow to flow into and out of our minds. We may not be able to control what others may do or say, but we can control what we choose to be exposed to.

We need to always look to God’s Word for our guidance.

May we all strive to maintain control over what comes into our heart and out of our mouths.


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