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A Lesson from the Bumblebee

The Bumblebee by Anthony N. Wade

Did you know that according to a theory of aerodynamics that the bumblebee should be unable to fly? The bumblebee’s size, weight, and shape of its body, in relationship to its total wingspan, flying is technically impossible. The bumblebee, being ignorant of the technical theory, goes on and flies anyway and makes honey everyday.

You and I need to take a few lessons from the bumblebee. First of all, if the bumblebee were to look at its size, it would say “My body is too big for my wings, for that reason I am not able to fly.” If it looked at its weight, it would say, “I’m too heavy, it is impossible for my wings to create enough lift for me to do the job I was created to do.” If it looked at the contour of its body it would say “Forget it, it is scientifically impossible for me to do this.”

My friend, the bumblebee is totally unaware of the impossibilities that say it can’t do what it does, day after day. It goes against all the odds that say, “You should be a failure.” “Look at you; aren’t you a pitiful looking thing? You are overweight, your body is in pathetic shape; and you have the nerve to think you are going to fly.” Who do you think you are a bumblebee? This kind of view never comes across the mind of a bumblebee. It doesn’t know it’s not supposed to fly.

Now, what’s your excuse? Who or what is screaming at you that you can’t possibly do what you desire to do? When are you going to look them in the face and say, “Watch me!” “I will overcome these odds, I believe I can fly.” I don’t care who or what is telling you that you can’t, with God all things are possible.




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