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Recipe for a Successful Christian

This is the time of year where families get together and share meals and good times. One of the many traditions is to try and create  a meal, “Just like mom used to make,” or try and recreate, “Grandma’s secret recipe.”  In order to accomplish this, one understands he/she must follow the recipe exactly as written.  Any additions or subtractions to the ingredients will yield something other than what mom or grandma used to create.  The moment we add or take anything away, we are creating our own recipe and thus a different end product.


This same idea can be applied to our spiritual lives.  God (in His Word) has provided us with a recipe to create the Christian he wants.  If we add to or take away anything we are know producing the Christian He desires but the one we desire.  If we are to truly reverence and Him, we must follow the recipe he has provided for us. If we follow His instructions as they are written, we will create His successful Christian.


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